Location, Location, Location!

Location is everything in real estate, but what does it mean when you are on holiday in Mozambique at Pambele Beach House? Nestled on a white sandy shore line, Pambele Beach House is surrounded by an endless choice of beaches, islands and turquoise waters which are home to Africa’s only dugong population.

Pambele is located in the Vilanculos Wildlife Sanctuary on the San Sebastian Peninsula on the south eastern coast of Mozambique. The waters directly in front of the property are part of the Bazaruto Marine National Park. The Archipelago became a National Park in 1971 and there is a wide abundance of reef fish, Surgeon, Moorish Idols, Parrot, Angel and Butterfly fish to name but a few. The Archipelago offers some of the world’s best snorkeling, diving and big game fishing. Dolphins are seen year round and whales are seasonal visitors to the Archipelago. The park is also home to the last viable population of dugong on the east African coast. The Archipelago consists of five islands: Bazaruto, Benguerra, Margaruque, Santa Carolina and tiny Bangue.
The shoreline in front of Pambele is a delight to explore with fine white sand at high tide and literally acres of hard sand at low tide which is perfect to walk or jog along too. It is easy to walk along the beach, look for shells (but don't remove), or discover Pelican Bay and the mangroves beyond. 
Because of its location the whole country broadly follows a Southern African weather pattern, with the rains falling largely between December and March.  Most of Mozambique's rain arrives on moist southeast trade winds, but glance at a map to see that it lies in the rain shadow of Madagascar. This gives Mozambique a relatively low annual rainfall – and because of its location a great deal of protection from the tropical storms and the occasional cyclone which head towards it during this period. June to October is the dry season, with often perfect tropical weather: clear skies, plenty of sun and almost no rain. This is the best time for most people to visit Mozambique. We look forward to welcoming you one day soon! Book with us – res@pambele.co.mz 

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